24 Feb 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 12 Division 5

West Drayton Red



Academy U-12


(日本語) Today was technically my first game to coach U-12 myself. I wasn’t so happy because we couldn’t win the game. However some points I appreciate what they did, such as distance between defense line and middle line of the first half, plus our side backs had strong sense of attack so they created some chances by pass to forward and dribble. Otherwise, second half opponents gave us high pressure, like increase number of attacker therefore that made our defense lines dropped and middle lines were completely swallowed by defense lines. That’s what even we took balls, we couldn’t pass or clear big and ended up to lose balls again. We had a tough time to break through that. Also I think when we were scored second goal, which was 1-2. Our players looked depress and down. They still got to score and have strength to do at that moment. I really wanted them to have fighting spirit and never give up any games. We will do our best to be ready to win the next game.