3 Mar 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 12 Division 5

Academy U-12




Brook House Red


(日本語) This game we changed a bid system to 3-3-2 from last game. At first, we played well, we gave them pressure and some shoots. But we could not make score and we lost score from the counter. And then when we felt pressure from opponents, we tended to drop the line easily. Even though we took back ball, we couldn’t push up. Half time I told them about it, and we tried to keep the line stable, beside we change the system to 3-4-1 and i want them to have starting point of our both sides. It didn’t go well then we were scored again in a row. I think we need to acquire more property skills, such as passes, trap, how to keep a ball using body, because if they feel any pressure they missed a lot, just simple a pass or clear, and then lost balls again that make us difficult state more. Also We need to know to make pass courses, where do you have to look first when you get a ball. Anyway, we need to training to be able to feel more confident to play and to really believe from deep heart that we can be wining a game. Thank you for your support.