22 Sep 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 13 Division 5

Bessinby Park Rangers Blue



Academy U-13


This is our First match for new season due to postpone previous two games and also new regulations which are 11 a side, 35 minutes half, bigger pitch.. However we worked hard to try to adjust the different situations that I was happy with that. We conceded five times which we need to work on it, most of them from middle shoots and through pass to the behind of defense line so we needed to step forward not let them shoots easily and to get right position to stand. I think we need to pull up with and block opponents shoots even we would throw our body for that especially when they are coming forward to have more power and players to get score, plus we need to fight more at the ball. For next match we will work on position when we defense and to fight at the ball to win at least don’t let opponents play easily.