20 Oct 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 13 Division 5

Ickenham Youth Blue



Academy U-13

We got 10 players yesterday because Goal keeper Daniel was absent and we conceded very early time that made the game a bit difficult. We improved how to defense actually covering other players and pressure quickly not let opponents play. But Ickenham are physicality stronger than us and they had some great scores which were a bit difficult to prevent.

We need more improve attacking side cause we were easily to loose a ball, especially how you loose a ball that were not good as well, we had to secure ball. Plus, we need to learn how to support other players also we need to look around before receiving ball even there is a pressure cause there were free players but they didn’t recognize them or receivers didn’t call the balls.
I’m gonna let them train and understand about that and try to win next game.