10 Nov 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 13 Division 5

Academy U-13

Ryo×2, Ara×2



Kinja Youth Red

今シーズン初めて勝つ事ができた。前半から先制点でリードする事ができ、試合を通して先手を取る事ができた。親切にも相手が人数を合わせてくれて、8対8で試合を行う事ができた。AGVのピッチでの8対8で移動距離もある中での、試合で運動量も必要だったが、最後まで走り切ってくれ、それと同時に選手からもまだまだスタミナが必要だと言う声もあり、次に向けて、走る質と量も上げていきたい。ディフェンス面では、前回と比べて戦えていたが、もっともっと良くする必要がある。オフェンスでは、Manatoがしっかりボールを保持してくれ、パスを供給してくれた、ディフェンス面でも頑張ってくれた。またサイドのRyo とToaの所でも基点になって、攻撃をしてくれ、AraとRyoがしっかり点を取ってくれたのは、次に向けて自信になったと思う。次の試合にむけて、ディフェンスの時のポジションやディフェンスラインの設定など、今回気になった部分を細かく確認をして、失点をできるだけ少なくし、勝てる準備をしていきます。

We won the game in the first time of this season and all players looked happy. We could lead the game with the first goals to take the initiative through the game. The opponent was kind enough to arrange the number of players which we could play the game 8 a side. Anyway, Samurai Players did hard work to win through the game but same time, some players said we need more stamina so we will work on quality and quantity of running for next matches. Concerning defense, we fought at ball better than last game but I felt we need to more. To attacking, Manato created many chances to keep ball in the middle and pass to side players or made a through pass to behind of defense line and he did well play of defense as well. Beside, side players Ryo and Toa became origin of attacking to play well as well. Great enough was both of Ryo and Ara scored two times each. Hope that consequence would bring us more confident to play for next game. We will keep training how to defense and make sure positions of players, setting the height of defense lines and try not to concede as much as we could.