17 Nov 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 13 Division 5

Acton Ealing whistler White



Academy U-13

試合は6-0でスコアから見ると大敗ですが、特に後半は内容的には、互角に近い戦いができたと思います。ゲームの入りの所で、少し緩い空気があったのように感じます。次回に向けて、修正しないといけない部分ではあると思います。相手は上位のチームで、すごい大きい選手も多く、フィジカルでは差が大きかったです。主審もあまりファールを取る人ではなかったのも、少しマイナスに働いたかなっと思いますが、後半の戦いができれば、勝つ可能性はあったと思います。攻撃に関しても、何度かManato からや、前線からの良いプレッシャーで相手のミスを誘い、そこから何度かシュートチャンスを作る事ができました。ただ、試合を通してあまり良い戦いが出来ませんでした、またミスも少し多かったです。奪った後のファーストパスや、戦い方について全体でもっと理解を深める必要があると感じました。

We lost the game, I believe we could play better that this. We didn’t concentrate enough before the game like they were distracted chatting with each other, which i want to change them, I don’t know why maybe they won the last game and some of them have false confident and to relax. Oponentes are quite large and physical. In the first half, we are bit afraid of body contact with them and not pressure enough to protect goals but some of them were too difficult to stop, brillan free kick and middle shoots. Second half, we weren’t afraid of opponents to fight, and we created some chances from Midfielder Manato and to win a ball from good pressure but we couldn’t score. I concerned about that we made lots of mistakes especially when we won a ball for first pass. We need to be more calm and not to kick a ball to no one in there. Plus we need to have strong mentality and never give up, that are very basic but very important things even we are fewer players than them. I will try to keep the players playing to build character.