24 Nov 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 13 Division 5

Academy U-13

Ryo, Daniel



St. Josephs Red

1人の選手が試合に来ず、U-14のキーパーを借りて相手のチームに了承を得て、試合を行いました。それで10対11で試合を行う事ができました。前半は特に互角に闘う事ができましたが、もっとゴールシーンを作る事ができたと思います。後半に入って徐々に疲れも見え始めてきて、そこで連続で失点をしてしまい、完全に足が止まってしまいました。8失点もしてしまっては、勝つ可能性がないので、そこはしっかり修正したい。得点シーンは2点とも良いゴールで、1点目はゴールキックからビルドアップをして、スルーパスからRyoが抜け出し、ゴールを決めた。2点目はゴールキックの混戦から、Daniel がきっちり押し込んだ。次戦に向けて、ポジション毎の役割の確認を改めてして、最後まで諦めず勝てるように頑張ります。

One player didn’t turn up but I borrowed one player Harrier from Samurai U-14 which the Opponent accepted that. First half we did play equally with opponent but second half as time goes by, our players looked tired to getting slow down coming back and pushing up then we gave them lots of space and we could not challenge to a ball. We conceded 8times which were a lot we shouldn’t give them that many goals. However Goal scenes of ours were great, first was from goal kick to build up then through pass to Ryo who socorred that was fantastic! Second, Daniel was brave enough to get scored in the crowded penalty box from corner kick.
Once again I will tell them role of every potions and what I expect from them. And let them work hard and never give a match up.