25 Nov 2018 - Harrow Youth - Under 7

Academy U-7

Alex1, Adam1,Soma1,Otaro1,Daichi1



London Eagles Red

Today, all players tried to dribble speedily, and shoot appropriate range. Because, They started learning about that from last Monday.
I’m proud of their performance, and we’re gonna continue that.
However, I wanna say my sons, guys, I need your help. I can’t tell you anything, if you don’t listen. I wanna help your grow from the bottom of my heart.
If you want more goals, please change your attitude and do warming up hard.
Finally, Ryunosuke, thank you for coming our team. You’re so tall, so I’m looking forward to you becoming “Attack on Titan of Samurai”. I also hope Daichi to become “Little Titan of Samurai”.