13 Jan 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 7

Princes Park Red



Academy U-7



1/13 U-7 score ranking
1st Soma 16
2nd Alex 11
3rd Otaro 8
4th Adam 5, Kakeru 5
There’s still a chance for everyone to be champion. 次の試合、1人で10点取れれば…ええ感じやん?Go after Soma!!




We change a formation from 1-2-1 to 2-2-1, and also some positions (for example, Kakeru went forward).
I saw good result in the first half, so the score was 2-1. However, we couldn’t keep possession and formation in the last 15mins.
I have to say im terribly sorry, it was my fault. I couldn’t tell you that at least 1player should be in back line.
We went up a division, therefore the opponent teams are stronger than before the winter break. We’re gonna focus to finish and learn about position why you should be in back line and how to help your teammate (of course keep learning about dribble&pass).
I hope I can sustain children’s good motivation for football. I’m happy your help. Thank you.