10 Feb 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 7

Pinnstars Red



Academy U-7





First, I have to say one thing. We should have won today. We got a first goal, and kept a team concept of one player staying the middle while we’re attacking without the second 10mins. I know everyone wanna attack, however, if you don’t wanna lose any goal and a match, don’t forget to defend.
Anyway, Adam showed us brilliant dribble,  Soma protected our team’s rule, and Alex and Kakeru got goals. These are good news for us, thank you.
I just remembered we did PK game after this match. Today, some players asked me if they can be goalies.  I was really happy to hear your offer. I wanna see your smiles the next match so hoping for a win. CCC’mooon! Samurai U-7!!!!!!!!!!!