17 Feb 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 7

Academy U-7




Ickenham Youth White


試合前に紅白戦をやることで、最近は最初から動けるようになってきました。(本当は別のことをしたいなんて言えない) 今節は前回1-9で負けた相手に2-4と善戦しました。もちろん、勝つことでしか味わえない実感はありますが、みんなが成長していることは間違いありません。


Recently, we play a game before the match as a warming up. Thanks to it, everyone can play 100% from start. This is a second time to play against Ickenham Youth. The last result is 1-9 lost, but 2-4 lost today. We’re suffering in this division. However, we’re getting better.  Perhaps, you will be able to win after I return to Japan.
Ryunosuke showed us very good high pressure. Alex did excellent dribble & finish. I’m happy to see that.
I have 2 weeks to coach you. Enjoy