9 Dec 2018 - Harrow Youth - Under 8

Academy U-8




Harrow Youth Academy

We used two types of system 1-1-2-1 and 1-2-2 to encourage them to focus on 1v1 skills and tactical knowledge. Eventually,we created lots of 1v1 situations on the pitch and beat them, then we won the match finally.

They performed really well I could see many nice skills bravely, it comes from confident and it comes from training.

I’m giving them a homework every week such as simple skills, juggling or something and usually check it at the game day. Even it were difficult skills for them at the beginning, they always show me a massive improvement that proved themselves to be able to do anything when they put 100% effort.

Every player’s definitely improving as well as great rival each other now, that’s the best atmosphere as a team I strongly believe.

Keep doing well, and enjoy the football.