6 Jan 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 8

Academy U-8

Kazu 2, Leo 2




At the very first, in spite of beginning of the year, most of the players came and played from early morning. I’m happy to see their passion for football.

They played well from the first half I got the great reflection from the boys during the break I asked them “why am I happy to see your playing”, they said “because we put the best effort”. Yes this is exactly what I wanted to tell them. Not because we were 2-0 up,  even not because we dominated the ball, because they played the best they have. The results will follow. That’s the club’s philosophy, 100% on the pitch.

I saw great 1v1 skills, creative finishing, amazing combination play, and covering each other which is very difficult for their age because of being required finding the open space.

Good start of the new year,2019. Keep practicing and enjoy the football!