27 Jan 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 8

St.Josephs Blue



Academy U-8

Leo2, Takeharu1


The condition wasn’t good. Strong wind and freezing weather. The pitch was muddy but actually it didn’t matter for us. We couldn’t show the right attitude as a footballer last match. Therefore, the individual challenge for this match was ‘Getting Muddy’. Sorry for the parents but they got really muddy and showed me the great passion, playing their best.
Even though we lost the game, I want you to give them a round of applause. I turely enjoyed to seeing their playing. The small boys have turned to be a footballer.

I could also find many individual developments. They looked confident to play. Likewise, they improvred as a small unit that we have been training these days. They enjoy playing as a team.

Great thing they’ve got is the nice habit, such as shaking hand before the training, tiding up every stuff by themselves, listening to the coach and so on. Really basic things but that’s definitely needed to improve as well as playing the next step U9’s.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much time to play with me, but I’m very proud of you guys. Looking forward to seeing you soon, let’s have a nice time there!


Coach Taisei