10 Feb 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 8

Larpksur Rovers Red



Academy U-8


It was the last match for me as a manager, they showed me great passion. We were completely smashed as you can tell from the score, but I’m still proud of you all.
Most of us just started to play. Football is difficult but that’s why it’s interesting. Difficult to score, but that’s why everyone gets crazy when the ball is put into the small goal. Therefore, even we just scored two today, I was very happy and we were excited.
Many positives:  individual skills, small unit play, aggressive defense, and communication, has all improved. It all comes from your efforts so have  big big confidence, you can do anything!!

Thank you for everything.  I wasvery happy to see many smiles, cries and even angers.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you grow in the future.
What kind of man will you be?