17 Feb 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 8

Academy U-8



PRO FA Green




It was the first game for me to play as a coach of U-8 Samurai after a taking over  from Taisei coach.

Even though we were a bit lacking of energy to push ourselves forward in the first 10 minuets and conceded a goal which was almost impossible to save, we were getting better and better from the second period and could see a great passion and desire to beat opponent, which result in a beautiful goal from equalizer, Jin !!!
After that, we created a number of chances and could have scored 3,4 goals but the opponent did defend well not allowing us to get scores easily.
The game became much intense after conceding the second goal for opponent but we didn’t give up at all and made our hardest efforts to put the ball into the net then Yuma finally did it, who had been playing bravely since the game was started !!!
Although the game ended up not going for us because we conceded a winning goal for opponent at the end of game, I’m truly proud of all players who showed a great come back from 0-1, 1-2 down and a great fight against strong team until the end! Thank you!

Well done boys! Keep going!


試合の序盤は少し元気が無く、相手に押し込まれる時間が続き、失点もしてしまいましたが、時間が経つにつれてチームとしても個人としてもプレーがだんだんが良くなっていきました。ボールもスムーズに運べるようになり、結果として ジン が素晴らしいミドルシュートを決めてくれましたが、そのゴールまでのみんなの頑張りや、粘りも見えたので、ほんとに最高のゴールでした!

そこからはサムライが攻め込む時間帯が続き、チャンスも多く作りましたが、相手のディフェンスが良かったのもあり、中々2点目を取ることができずにいると、カウンターで2失点目を喫してしまいました。それでも選手たちは全く諦めることなく、相手ゴールに向かって攻め続け、最終的に、今日の試合でキャプテンだった ユウマ のシュートがゴールに入ってくれて追いつくことができました!