3 Mar 2019 - Harrow Youth - Under 8

Academy U-8




Headstone Manor Red

(日本語) Although opponent was physically bigger stronger, faster and harder, all players played bravely and tried to beat them and get scores till the end!
Also, you guys had shown me a strong passion to want to play football from before the game started and all played really well during the games so It was difficult to pick one person up for the captain today!
Through the game, we couldn’t enough chances to score because opponent was solid but from our point of view, we needed more composure in the final area ! We missed some chances by just kicking the ball away but if there had been composure or determination from our players, we might have scored more! In that point, the goal we scored in the 4th period was what I wanted to see!! Toma put his effort to make the ball closer to their goal then, Kotaro who has played with a great composure assisted brilliantly to Leo who finally scored a valuable goal for us!!

Even though we lost the game, I’m really happy with what all players have done in the pitch and you should be proud of yourself! There’s sometimes that things don’t go well no matter how you put your effort on that. However, I think what more important is to keep trying to make the things better and closer to what you really want to be no matter how hard it is! You did it today! So boys, don’t heads down but Chins up! Well played!