25 Nov 2018 - Harrow Youth – Under 9




Academy U-9

Although it was a scoreless draw it was not boring at all. We had 2 subs so we could rotate the players a bit. Very happy to have Kaiji in the team he will definitely add value to the team! He already did today! Today he played upfront with Kai they are both very strong but since this was the first game for them together they didnt feel each other that well but this will change in the future. Our defence was solid today, midfield a but weaker mainly in the first half, for the second part of the game was much stronger and in the last 10 minutes we pushed very hard to score but we just couldnt score in some situations we were unlucky but sometimes the luck was on our side and Mio had some brilliant saves as well. So all in all it was a fair result.