17 Feb 2019 - Harrow Youth – Under 9

Academy U-9




Ickenham Youth White




Big win for us. The game started with a 15 mins delay due to the opposite teams coach who was complaining about pretty much everything. So we had to fix the goals.

We had to loan one player from u10 to be able to field enough players for the game, fortunately the director of the opposite team was much more cooperative than their coach, so he said the u10 player can be a goalkeeper. Everything was a bit chaotic at the beggining since noone really wanted to be a defender apart from Itsuki. So we started with a 1-2-2-2 formation with Yamato and Itsuki as defenders, Hiroki with Kimi in the middle, Alex and Kai upfornt. We started the game well, but since Yamato often followed our attacks we had only Itsuki in the back so when they regained the ball they quickly came towards our goals with 2-3 striker against Itsuki but Itsuki solved these situations brilliantly. And after one of these situation just like many times in football we attacked and thanks to a lucky punch from Kai we took the lead that luckily lasted till half time. So I could talk to the guys, in order to strenghten our defense and avoid these 2v1 3v1 situations when Itsuki is on his own I asked Yamato to stay in the back dont follow all the attacks and also Alex to play more like an attacking midfielder and help the midfield, and gave freedome to Kai upfront as he had many good chances to dribble and beat the defenders in 1v1 that he did very well. So in the second half we were more organised but felt that we need one more goal to win, thanks to Alex we didnt have to wait too long, and few mins later Kai score one more, so after this all I was hopong was that no one gets injury as there were few kick here and there from the opposite team.