3 Mar 2019 - Harrow Youth – Under 9

Academy U-9




Bessingby Park Rangers Red





(日本語) Nice and comfortable 4-2 home win on a windy rainy quite cold Sunday morning. We had 7 players exatly so no subs, but having Mio as a goalkeeper is always a good start so we dont have to ask the “who wants to be a goalkeeper?” question. 🙂
So we started with a 1-2-3-1 formation where Itsuki and Kimi played as defenders, Kaiji, Alex, and Hiroki middle, Kai upfront. I still dont really talk about tacticks knowing that players at this age find it boring and they learn in a different way how to use the space. But lately I tell them more about how we should be playing, kind of showing the direction, asking basic things from them. Like today I asked Kaiji to help the defenders out of possession to make sure that we have enough players to cope with their attackers, also Kai to drop back till the midfield in the same situation which also gives him loads of space to exploit or create 1v1s that we practice a lot, same for Alex dribble if he feels like but also drop back and narrow when its neccesary. We started the game well but from a counter attack the opposition team scored but 5 mins later it was already 2-1 thanks to Kais double, in the first half we played against the wind so I expected an easier second half. I asked the guys to try to shoot from distance knowing that the wind is with us, also at freekicks or corners wait 2-3 seconds maybe a stornger wing comes that can help. Our attack was generally strong having Kai, Kaiji, and Alex but in the second half the opposite team scored the first goal, 2-2, after this we reorganised the midfield a bit, and left Alex as a striker, and asked Kai and Kaiji to support. Kai score 2 more goals, so we won 4-2. We played very well, the team was more organised, Kaiji played very well, he loves to dribble and he is good at it, he dribbled through half of the pitch to set up the 4th goal. Mio had some brilliant saves, Itsuki and Kimi defended very well, and Hiroki helped a lot with his tackles in the midfield in the first half of the game and in the defence in the second half. Im very happy with the guys performance!