[London Samurai Rovers The Jim Rogers President’s Division One Cup Round 1 ] [Re…

[London Samurai Rovers The Jim Rogers President’s Division One Cup Round 1 ] [Result]
London Samurai Rovers 2 – 1 Eastfield [Scorers]
1-0 Kai
2-0 Ryoya(PK) [Starting lineup]
Formation: 4-3-3
FW:Kai,Jang Kun,Ryoya [Subs]
IN Koki OUT Ryoya
IN Yousef OUT Jang Kun
IN Fisal OUT Ros [MOM]
Cameron Gilmartin
It was a very tough game in a freezing rain and wind – a typical British weather we have to get used to.
After scoring two goals in the first half, it seemed to be a comfortable game but things gets tough after allowing an unlucky goal at the end of the first half.
Going down to 10 men after a straight red card in early second half was a big challenge, but the samurais managed to hold tight for another great cup game victory!
League game back in action against The Wilberforce Wanderers FC next week!
Let’s get the momentum going!! [監督コメント Hideyuki Miyahara]
この試合のMOMには守備の要として活躍したキャプテンCameron Gilmartinが選ばれました!
シーズン開幕からリーグ戦とカップ戦を合わせて見事3連勝と勢いに乗るLondon Samurai Rovers。このまま連勝街道まっしぐらでリーグ、カップ両方優勝目指します!
次節はリーグに戦いの場を戻し、10月13日(土)、MCFL第2節をHomeにThe Wilberforce Wanderersを迎えての一戦です。