27 Oct 2018 - MCFA Junior Cup

Alpha & Omega



London Samurai Rovers

Ros, Cammeron, Koshi (2), Fisal

Another great win in a cup game, Samurai’s makes it SIX wins in a row since the start of the season!!!! Some new faces came in to fill in injured players, who all enjoyed a good game.

Man of the match goes to FW KOSHI, who scored two goals, one to secure the game and another one jaw dropping amazing bicycle kick!! Straight in for Puskás Award 2018!!!!

MCFA Junior Cup – Round 2

Alpha & Omega 2-5 London Samurai Rovers

1-0 Ros
2-1 Cameron
3-0 Koshi
4-0 Koshi
5-2 Fisal

Starting lineup
Formation: 4-3-3
GK: Bobby
DF: Takahiro, Marko, Cameron (C), Fumiya
MF: Ros, Wataru, Koshi
FW: Guillaume, Yusif, Ryoya

IN Fisal OUT Guillaume
IN Koki OUT Yousif
IN Daisuke OUT Ros
IN Joe OUT Ryoya

Koshi Takeuchi