12 Jan 2019 - Spikes Bridge Park MCFA Junior Cup

London Samurai Rovers

Robert Cullen 2, Rafiullah Andar, Koshi Takeuchi



FC Deportivo Galicia


RESULT: 4-0 to us

SCORES: Bobby-san 2, Koshi Rafi




We won the match, everyone played well including substitutions.

We signed Bobby-san for two million he instantly made a massive impact for us

Shunya came back to the team after his long injury and he played really well

Joe McCutcheon played his second match for first team and also he was decent

Clean sheet!!!!

We never lose our home games

Rafi scores and Koshi is on fire at the moment

Using the space behind the defenders very well and played their defender’s gap between fullback and centre back by quick switching play

Bobby-san dropped to receive the ball sometimes and that created more options for our build-up play.

Created lots of chances from set pieces and that is still our main strength.

Challenge and cover was almost perfect.

Defending was solid


When we have a sloppy time, we need to change the atmosphere by possessing the ball or change the pace of the game to get the good stream back.

Use more one touch and two touches to avoid high pressure.

To do so, I need to see more support play.