Company Sponsors

Personal Sponsors

The Types of Sponsorship
  • Gold Sponsor : £200
  • Silver Sponsor : £150
  • Bronze Sponsor : £50
Special Benefit for the sponsor
  1. FSA team shirt (Gold sponsor:×2, Silver sponsor:×1)
  2. Listing your name on our website
How to apply If you are interested in becoming our personal sponsor, please inform us by email.
How to pay sponsorship fee Please make it by cheque or bank transfer.
Bank details: Football Samurai Academy Limited
Sort code: 400410
Account number: 51743082
Cheque payable to: Football Samurai Academy Limited

Thank you for supporting us!!!

Gold Sponsors Mr. Hiroharu Yoshikawa
Mr. Masakazu Kaneko
Mr. Shinichiro Gomi
Mr. Makoto Hirata
Mr. David Charles
Mr. Setsuo Miyahara
Mr. Tetsuzou Fukunari
Mr. Shoji Oba
Mr. You Yatsuzuka
Mr. Lee Sang Hoon
Mr. Kuniyuki Katayama
Mr. Clive Eden
Silver Sponsors Mr. Clive Eden
Bronze Sponsors